Application of ultrasonic metal welding in lithium battery module hard connection


Ultrasonic metal welding has the advantages of low welding temperature, no need to reach the melting point, no change of metal molecular structure and low internal resistance, which ensures the best electronic conductive connection performance of welded parts.

Ultrasonic welding technology is widely used in the field of battery production. Ultrasonic metal welding technology is used in the welding of lithium battery ear, soft connection, hard link and pack module.

Now we focus on the application of ultrasonic metal welding technology in hard joint.

When it comes to the hard connection welding, we must first talk about the soft connection. Many lithium battery modules used copper aluminum composite soft connection, but the bonding strength between copper and aluminum composite materials is relatively low. After locking the screw for a long time, it is easy to loosen, and the internal resistance becomes large.


In recent years, Ningde era new energy began to use new technology on the module, using hard connection instead of soft connection, which solved the related disadvantages of soft connection. Domestic related companies also follow the introduction of new technology, the future will be a new technology trend.

The following is the case of hard connection products welded by Herui ultrasonic for some customers. The peeling tensile strength is greater than 3200n, which greatly improves the reliability of the module structure.


Welding area: 198mm², welding material and thickness: copper (2mm), aluminum (1.5mm)


Welding area: 42mm²,Welding material and thickness: copper (1.5mm), aluminum (1.2mm)微信图片_20190223093823副本.jpg

Welding area: 100mm²,Welding material and thickness: copper (2mm), aluminum (2mm)

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