Application case of ultrasonic wire harness terminal welding


Ultrasonic welding is a commonly used technology for automobile wire harness. Its principle is that the surface of welding materials is recombined by ultrasonic high-frequency vibration. This technology has the advantages of low energy consumption, no pollution, firm welding, low internal resistance, and no change of metal structure. The conductivity of the finished metal is basically no loss, far better than the general soft welding, and its performance is far better than the press bonding process.



The ultrasonic metal welding technology provides a reliable guarantee for the wiring harness connection inside the automobile. After welding, the electric connection system of the automobile can be stable and reliable. The internal resistance of the welding joint of the wire harness is low, and the temperature rise is low.


  With the popularity of environmental protection new energy vehicles, and new energy electric vehicles are driven by electric vehicles. New energy vehicles have higher requirements for electrical connection. The driving range of new energy vehicles is higher and higher, and the charging speed is faster and faster. The temperature rise of traditional pressing process under high voltage and large current is too high, which directly affects the safety of automobile power system. Ultrasonic metal welding can solve this problem perfectly.




Herui ultrasonic welding machine for welding effect of 70 square wire harness terminal of energy vehicle

The welding products of ultrasonic welding by horui conform to SAE / uscar standard.

Combined with intelligent control modes such as energy mode, height mode and time mode with Ruirui ultrasonic metal welding equipment, it can more widely meet different wire harness welding processes. With intelligent amplitude subsection control technology, it can avoid large square wire harness surface discoloration, wire breakage and so on.


Herui ultrasonic welding machine is used for connector terminal welding


Traditional ultrasonic welding equipment for wire harness


Ultrasonic welding equipment for wire harness terminal

Ultrasonic welding of large wire harness terminal has very strict requirements for welding machine, which is a reflection of welding machine performance.Herui ultrasonic metal welding machine can meet the requirements of wire harness terminal welding below 110 square meters. More ultrasonic metal welding applications, welcome the majority of customers to consult and exchange.

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